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Welcome to the land of the rose, where you will find California's central valley in the sun. Wasco is only 26 miles from Bakersfield and is the gateway to our Central Coast. A short two-hour drive will take you to beaches, mountains and the major conurbations.

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The Best Western Wasco Inn & Suites is on the right, take Exit 44 and take CA 46 East to Lost Hills, WasCo, and it is right at the end of the parking lot. Take Exit 278 to the west side of San Bernardino County, east of Los Angeles, CA and you will find the Best Western Wasco Inn & Suites on your right. Located east of Lost Hilles, CA is in a neighborhood with the best hotels in the area, the Westside Inn & Suites. Take Exit 46 and west of L.A. and California, south of Las Vegas, California, take Exit 278 and go straight after.

Each room has a remote-controlled flat-screen LCD TV with extended cable and an on-site private pool and spa. Relax in your suite, which includes an outdoor pool with pool table, reading chair, pool by the pool, hot tub, sauna and sauna, shower and toilet, private dining room, living area and lounge.

More About Wasco

More About Wasco